Come Awake

Come Awake

Nothing compares to the beautiful sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. Dying on the cross without sin and crying out His great love for us up to the end. He was the perfect man, the incomparable God. You truly are the light of the world! Jesus your selfless surrender saves us, giving us a new hope and life on earth.

Christ conquers all darkness in this world, He also conquers the darkness within us. Thank you Jesus for being with us and for loving us this much. Thank you for making our bodies a temple of your spirit. In our weakness, be our strength. Help us to love the unlovable and make our hearts a place that You can dwell in.

Build a brand new temple in us. Let your goodness rise from within, awaken our souls and make our lives a living testimony of You.


A Legacy

A Legacy

Two of the most important things in my life (well aside from God and my family) are Music and Mission Work.

Knowing Christ is sweet. But being able to serve Him is definitely sweeter!

When I gain my life back with the Lord I already knew the purpose of my life. It’s clear, defined and anointed by the One who sent me. My life was specifically made to honor, glorify and serve God through music.

I am challenged to bring and create beautiful music for Him. I would tell every single person on earth that He is God. To share His everlasting love and goodness through my compositions. I want to be remembered as an “artist for the Lord.” There is this voice within me that tells me to follow and use my passions to reach more people for Christ. Even if the world has many discouragements and does not favor my life practically, I’d still push through with this evangelization tool.

Let my songs reach this generation and the coming generation after us. May the message of God be planted in each of their hearts, grow well in their faith and live strong to stand up for no other reason than Jesus Christ.

To be remembered that I am in Christ, that’s my ultimate goal. A Song Writer with a Missionary Heart…

My inspiration is YOU!



What comes to your mind when you hear or read the word roadtrip? Probably a vacation, a nice view of a beach, time to relax, or a time off from all the stress in your workplace.

But you know what? Roadtrip is way deeper than all of those things. It’s actually a time to be more intimate with God, time to really stretch you to your limits and a time to speak about God’s love to others.

Going on a mission trip has always been personal to me. I’m really excited to go and see to it that I am mission ready when the Lord asks me to go. I’ve seen miracles a long the way, it will not always be as glamorous as what we imagine it to be but it was and will always be life-changing.

God unravel His goodness in your life and in other people’s lives. You will witness His unlimited providence as you travel with little money on your pocket but with an overflowing love and trust in God. He will definitely take you to places you’ve never imagine, only if the posture of your heart is right. God will speak to you powerfully each and every time, prayers get answered or if not the Lord leave you in peace with what you’re going through. God changes lives during mission and He will definitely change yours too.

Simple living, deep appreciation of ones life and developing Greater love for the Lord and others are just some of the promises of God to us when we go on a Mission trip.

Exciting? Of course it is. Because you are going on a special trip with and for the Lord. So what are you waiting for? Desire to go, save now for the mission trip and pray about it. Wherever it is if it’s the will of God, He will take you there. Prepare your hearts and let’s go on a roadtrip!

“The Roadtrip Song” by Saints in the Making Band


We are all a work in progress. Thanks to Jesus, now we live by faith and not by sight. We sing and play instruments to proclaim what is true and be witnesses to the goodness of the Lord through our individual Jesus encounter. We exist simply because we have a story to tell.

Band Members: Kuh Belarmino (vocals), Bonn Linatoc (Guitar), Jerome Alvarez (Lead/Electric Guitar), Arred Mendelebar (Bass) & Fred Diaz (Drums)