In Harry Potter, Lumos is described as a spell that creates a narrow beam of light that shines from the wand’s tip.

Isn’t it wonderful if each of us could carry an identical wand that we could use at all times. In dark places, when things got lost, when you can’t find your way… you just cast a spell “Lumos” and voila there was light.

Well it may be fascinating when you’re reading it but when you think about it, for us believers we already took hold of that light already. Maybe some of us do not know how it works or how to open the light. We don’t need to have a spell or do crazy stuff to make our lives better, you just need to recognize that the only light that we’re all looking for is JESUS. A gift freely given to us by the Father, a light that shines like no other.

So when you’re afraid or you lost something or even when you are put in a situation wherein you cannot find the path that you’re going to… exclaim the name of “Jesus Christ” and He will help you. Suddenly there’s this bright light that meets your very eyes and you cannot shut your peeps not even for a second. A light that reveals, a torch that you can raise and the same light reflected unto you.

Now people will see who their great God is because He first radiantly shines inside of you.


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