God is God, and I am Not

417656_10151457090778426_1334890104_nSometimes there are things in our lives that are beyond our control and understanding. And only God knows why…

Being able to comprehend our infinite God means staying in that intimate relationship with Him. Even if you cannot fully grasp the message at once, He will make it clear and simple for you. God has mysterious ways of doing things and what’s good about it is that it always work. It works for you and it works for me.

Glad to know that there is a patient God for finite beings like us. Someone who walks and explains everything. And someone who will leave you with an assurance that it’s okay to let go because God is who He said He was. So no more worries.

It’s okay to lift everything to the Lord and just say, “that’s the way the cookie crumbles” and then wink at our God. 😉


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