Your Promise

Your Promise

I am a witness to the miracles of God – in my life and in other people’s lives, from the simplest type of miracle up to the grandest of them all, you name it! And through the years of being with the Lord I started to discover His wonderful plans for my life as a Catholic Christian Youth, and that is “For Him to create a miracle in my life and for it to become a miracle for others.” I will never know my purpose if it wasn’t for Him. That is why I learned to Stand firm for Christ and for this Faith!

You know what else is awesome? I have a big God with big plans for my future. Because of that I also aspire to make great things happen and through Him miracles will be seen day after day, we will see Jesus shine and be lifted high, we will be in awe of His Glorious name. What a tremendous joy it would be to be used by God in any way we can. Our God is able and what do you know? We too are able. So start praying for God’s will to be your will and prepare yourself for the best roller coaster ride of your life. No need to view the beginning and the end of this journey, just remember that you are riding with Him.

Lord I am ready, please enable me to become a miracle for others. Let me hold on to your beautiful promise for my life. And no matter how crazy this ride would be allow me to enjoy every moment of it, makes me feel secure simply because You are with me. As for my dreams, I offer everything into your hands. Father, I am a person with big plans, where do you want me to go?


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