God’s Love should become VIRAL!

God's Love should become VIRAL!

I got Chickenpox at 26.

I know what you guys are thinking… i should’ve gotten this sickness when I was a kid but unfortunately I only acquire it now (*laughs).

Kidding aside, I mean seriously speaking at first it didn’t make sense at all. I was supposed to go on a 2 month mission trip to Visayas (my mission area) starting today, but I wasn’t able to go because I got Chickenpox. This illness is highly contagious and easily spreads all over the body and can be really painful. I mean it started as a rash and then after taking my medicine blisters come out from all over. Honestly speaking, my first reaction was to cry. I mean, it hurts so bad and you look horrible with wounds all over and the fact that my plans didn’t turn quite as I expected it to be. I am tempted to question God why He permits this situation to happen in my life at this moment… but I just can’t.

I cry my heart out in excruciating pain while looking at my scars. But His love never fails to enlighten me.

Saying ‘YES’ to the Lord’s will is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes you set out plans for yourself and for other people but still it is His will that matters. Surrendering means leaving your comforts and familiarities. It’s about saying “Yes”, taking that step and actually finding yourself in the uncertain. Saying “Yes” means leaving the perks behind and starting back from the ground. It’s about walking behind the curtain and giving God the spotlight. And doing your stuff excellently in the background. The only thing that matters is that “YES!”

In whatever situation, even in most painful ones, the Lord will call You and there will be countless moments in our lives to say “YES” over and over and over again.

This is not about me, it’s about the God who loves me so much. It’s a first-hand experience of that contagious love of the Lord – when it hits you, you become infected! The effect may seem small at first like a rash but later you’ll realize that it spreads all over your mind, body and soul. It never stops. Sometimes the effect was so great that it sets your heart on fire, setting a fever in you.

Like a chickenpox or to start an epidemic it starts with that one encounter. For all of us, it’s that one encounter with Jesus Christ. Jesus have touched our lives differently. His encounter with one person change the lives of others. Experiencing His love and passing it to a brother or sister to have that same encounter of Christ’s unconditional love. Spreading God’s love should never stop! For His love should become VIRAL!

Spreading an epidemic of God’s love; day to day, person to person, uncontainable, it’s working inside of us. Funny how God reveals his messages sometimes in simple ways other times in the most difficult ones, but the good thing about it is that you’re continuously being reminded by the Lord of who He is. That He is God, He is Love and – wait for it… “He can set the world on fire!”


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