The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown

Lord, You’ve call me out of the waters and I am beginning to feel the strong wind and the unfamiliar sound of the uncertain mystery.

But you stated this to me very clearly, that I am meant for magnificent things.

‘Never forget!’ that’s the rule. Always look at the higher vision of God. Wherever He leads me, I’ll follow. He is up to something good and wants me to experience the fullness of life in faith.

God will bless me, I’m pretty sure. His blessings in my life are constant. He will take care of me and what’s important is the overflowing exchange of love and a heart that remains grateful to the Lord’s generosity.

It may not be an easy step to take, to go into a new path in life but even so, in my faith I will continue to stand.
Jesus is my help. When I don’t know where to go, in times when I am scared and in doubt, He will be my guide. God will meet me in whatever state I am in.

The Great Unknown is an exciting place. God has prepared the best life for me – and I’m up to get it!


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