Breaking the Chains

Breaking the Chains

Nobody believes a liar.

When we commit sin, we are lying to God, to the people around us and most of all we conceal our very nature to ourselves. Breaking away from our original identity as sons and daughters of God. And besides, nobody wants to feel the guilt afterwards. Well you know what I mean.

I’ve read a tweet from Sam Grittner, a stand-up comedian from New York saying, ‘If you can’t trust a man named Wolf who can you trust?” I don’t know what it means to him but I take sometime to think about the line and I was brought into this reflection.

We cannot hide behind a mask forever. The Villagers hated the boy who cried wolf for giving false alarm and to not feel sorry about it. Then most probably they see the wolf as a wicked being that cannot be trusted.

Maybe we don’t think of it that much but sometimes we play the part of the boy who cried wolf committing our favorite sins but also there are times when we act like the wolf itself when things get out of hand and we’ve done things which seems unbearable not just in our conscience but in the lives of other people.

Nobody believes a liar. It takes away everything relationships, trust, ability to love and accept yourself anymore. People move away from you and you end up devastated. Our lives are not meant to be like that, for God tells us to cry no more and start living this life and anticipate a beautiful  future that he has prepared for all of us. He is merciful and very compassionate.

If you’re the boy who keep spreading lies or the wolf who are a threat to everyone else then you are considered as an outcast in the society. But God never isolate the ones he love. No matter what sin you bear or mask you wear God is willing to accept you. Forgiveness is true love and God will let us experience this only if we allow Him to do so. There are things that needs to be done and the first step is to accept that we’ve done wrong and then we confess it afterwards. The Grace of the Lord frees you from whatever chains you have. No more hiding, no more lies. Live the moment to the full by facing each day with a smile on your face and recognizing that you have a God to whom you can depend on and who will always be there for you.

Hey everybody loves a man and a woman of God. And there’s no doubt about it! 🙂


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