God’s Soldiers are not Lonely


We know that soldiers are courageous men who stepped into a battlefield to fight for a country, organization, etc. They are defined exactly by ranks and names. What they do is part of their job. To fight, to protect and survive in any battle that they’ll be facing.

Here’s a situation: You encounter Christ, became a believer and decided to live out the best life by following Him; devoting you time, talents and treasures in service. If you are currently in this state then you are automatically qualified to become a soldier for Christ.

So what does it mean to become God’s soldier?

You are Special. Well you really are!

Imagine you are armed with the truth and clothed with God’s love every single day. Your life is filled with so much love and you are satisfied with the work that is given to you, and it doesn’t really feel like work at all. There’s no need for ranks and labels,  for we remain as mere servants of the Lord. It would make our hearts content and happy to serve Him and make other people’s lives better. Nothing can beat that! Do you agree? 🙂

You got this amazing feeling inside even though it can be challenging and demanding at times but you are confident that with God you will survive all the trainings and difficulties in life.

They say that lonely soldiers go home from a battle. But God’s soldiers are not lonely. Always remember that you are not fighting alone. We are together in this fight for the truth and in the fight for life.

So when you go to a battlefield… you just LOVE.

Your only task is to train others to LOVE as well.

When you’re able to do that then your troops are ready to fight!


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