Finding God’s Heart

Finding God's Heart

“God’s love embraces saint and sinner alike.”

I may not be worthy of your love and grace but to you alone I desire to stay.

You’ve open the gates of heaven and everlasting mercy poured out on me.

Every words you speak beautifully rings through my ears.

I cannot hold my praise back from You, Jesus!

My distant heart is not that distant anymore, for you’ve found it hidden in wandering of that one love that I need.

And that LOVE is YOU!

I’ll be forever thankful for finding me, for pursuing me and for loving me this much.

Seeing your Heart makes my own Heart beats for You.

You’ve carried be far from darkness and into the light of your Salvation. I say, thank you Lord.

For this heart of mine is not hidden anymore.

You’ve prepared it for everyone else to see and be part of.

Let me love more than what I think and feel.

Let me love You Lord up to eternity!


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