Change Happens

Change Happens

We live in a dynamic world.

You’re doing one thing today but wait until tomorrow and you’re immersed in a totally different reality.

But that’s how life is. We need to accept that everything and anything can change so fast – maybe even in a blink of an eye.

Change is good if you know where you are headed. And it’s best when you are sure that it is God who is guiding you along the way. You’re traversing a bright future ahead of you.

So enjoy the many ‘CHANGES’ in your life. Look at it as a new adventure. You’ll learn from it and you’ll get better. God will keep moving us! Sometimes placing us in situations that we don’t understand but the great thing about God is that when He tries to move us, He is tagging along in our journey.

So no matter where or when those changes will happen – just move along with it!


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