Dream Big and Live it!

Dream Big and Live it!

I recently applied in a national music camp and it was the biggest thing I did for my songwriting passion. Well it took me a while to have the guts to do this, but sadly I didn’t make it.

But you know what? I am at peace and happy because sending an entry and having the courage to share my song “Awakening” is really a big deal for me already. At least I tried, that’s what’s matters. No regrets. 🙂

Well I should have read the signs back then when I try to make my audition video, it was very difficult and also the worst audition video ever sent haha.

I desperately made it on the last day of application with no video camera with me just my Ipad. When I try to transfer the file on my laptop, the software I’m using cannot recognize the file. So I have to test the file on my Macbook and try to learn how to transfer the audio file on it’s moviemaker. After I successfully made the file work, again, I open it up on my other laptop to create the video I’m making.

Then, I started filling up my application sheets until I came to the last page where you upload the video file. To my surprise they will only allow 3 specific files and what I just made is not compatible with any of the three. I need to download a file converter first and then make trial and error again and again. At last, I finally did it. I uploaded my video file and send my entry.

After 2 weeks, i found out that I didn’t make the cut. And so, I try to make a little reflection on it:

I know from the start that this is my calling. And this event should not discourage me in any way. Why? Because in the first place I know who I’m pursuing this for. No other person, not even for myself, but for God alone. 🙂

And if I really want to be excellent I should prepare myself to a whole lot of ups and downs and outrageous adventures that are about to come in my life. Yes, it will not be an easy ride from here.

But if God is in front of me now, (and I’m sure He is) all I want to say to Him is “thank you for giving me a chance.”

God wants us to try all the time. Do not stop following His lead. Dream Big because God have BIG DREAMS for us. We just have to pursue what He wants and not just what we want. Remember that rejection is part of life, so live with it and learn to overcome.

As Jeff Bennington says, “Sometimes we just need someone to pump us up!” which is very true. An inspiration will help you get back on track again. And if you know where to find that great inspiration, you just hit the jackpot my friend.

It’s really simple. Think of your personal call again.

This time focus on the One calling and give thanks.

God will lead the way for your dreams to come true.

Do not get tired of trying, because God will never get tired of giving countless opportunities for each of us. 🙂

You’ll never know who you’ll run into the future.

So now, it’s time to park your butt down and write.


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