I Love You This Much

I Love You This Much

While preparing for my talk later, I came up with some realizations about life.

1. God Loves Us.

You may say that this is a cliche already but I believe that this will remain true up to the succeeding generation.

God never fails to bring us out of the chaos in this world. You may have problems now but think of it as .1% only of your entire life. You shouldn’t be spending too much worrying about the what ifs, what’s not and the past mistakes that we have committed.

What matters is to recognize God’s love every single day.

2. God wants us to be His friend.

The saddest thing that can happen in your life is to pass on an opportunity to get to know God more, not to be able to spend precious time with Him and the most important thing of all is to never experience being loved by Him.

Take that initiative to be more closer with the Lord. Know that He is willing to understand and accept you no matter what you are today. Give Him a chance.

3. God will make all things Possible

It is a reality that you can change for the better. And God has the power to fix your past and present brokenness. He will make your life meaningful and help you discover His beautiful plan for your current state today.

It is possible to live the best life in Christ. You just have to Believe that He can do great things for you.

God is excited to walk with us and has already prepared a wonderful journey specifically made for each of us.

Believe that Greater things can happen to you. And may you notice the goodness of the Lord in anything and everything.

4. Jesus Saves.

He gave His own life for us. To save us and give us the gift of Salvation.

He loves us this much.

So the question is, have you experience God’s love today?

Still not sure eh?

Well maybe you just have to look closely at your life again.


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