Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time

480px-PlantsvsZombies2It'sAboutTimeTitleOur favorite zombie game is BACK! Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time.

For those who are not that familiar with this yet, it’s a strategy game where you keep the undead from invading your home and eating your brain. Of course there would be ways to stop this animated corpse and that is to strengthen your garden and plant the right type of plants on each level.

I won’t be teaching you strategies on how to finish the whole thing, that’s for you to discover.

They say that “you are what you eat,” so can we also say that “you are what you play?”

Well I think that “It’s About Time” that I introduce you to some of the characters in this game.

Who knows? Maybe you can relate to some of them. 🙂




One of the most important plant in the game. It is a sun-producing plant that helps you gain the other plants to complete your line of offense and defense.

PVZIAT_WallnutThe Wall-nut

A defensive plant that shields the rest of your plants. Place this in front of your plants to block the zombies. A tougher version of this is called a Tall-nut.  As the zombies eat the wall-nut, other plants can now attack and kill them.


The Peashooter

This plant is available from the start of the game. Also known as a regular offensive plant because it only shoots one pea at a time on a certain enemy.


The Bloomerang

This plant can blast up to 3 Zombies in one lane like a boomerang. Well the best part about the Bloomerang is  that, it hits the zombies again on its return. When you upgrade this by feeding it with plant food, it will throw boomerangs in 4 directions: forwards, backwards, and on both sides.


The Bonk Choy

I love this guy. This is a strong plant that punches nearby zombies that are ahead or behind it. Use this plant when zombies getaway from your first line of defense and it will prevent the undead from coming further in your lawn.


The Coconut Cannon

This plant releases a coconut cannonball in a straight lane in front of it. It is very powerful that every zombie that’s been hit by it explodes.  But you should know that this plant requires a cool down period about 16 seconds before it can blow your enemies again.



Zombies (Basic, Mummy, Pirate, & Cowboy)

These zombies are easy to kill and are found in almost any level. Also they have no special defense.


Ra Zombie

This zombie tries to steal your sun in the game. It prevents you from gaining a new plant for your area.


The Pharaoh Zombie

This is a slow moving zombie but you need to break off his sarcophagus in order to bring him down.


The Imp Cannon

Found in the Pirate Seas, it shoots crazy Imp Pirate Zombies everywhere on your lawn. So you have to kill it ahead of time.

Zombie Bullrider

The Zombie Bull-rider

Same goes with the Zombie Bull-rider, the mechanical bull throws the Zombie Imp into the air. Better block ’em off before it gets to your precious plants.

In case you haven’t noticed, this is a battle between life and death.

There is a continuous war happening inside your lawn. And a lot of times you don’t even know it.

In this offense-defense battle which side can you identify yourself with? Do you consider yourself part of “Team Plants” or are you part of the dark force, “Team Zombies.”

Zombies represents our everyday enemies. These are people, things, occurrence, that creeps into your life. Their main goal is to get close and eat your brain. It comes in different forms too, evil can disguise himself from a harmless zombie to an aggressive and powerful entity.

So what do you do?

It’s about time to get to know your enemy and counter their every attack. Come up with a good strategy.


Invest more time with the Power Source for you can do all things through God’s help. The more time you spent with Him, the more power you’ll gain, the better your life’s strategy will be.


Plant Food

Another secret is to feed yourself with the things of God.

In the game, if you upgrade your plants with plant food, they will get more powerful.

And for us, if we always feed ourselves with the word of God, we will receive brand new strength to face the everyday situation of our lives. We need to upgrade ourselves in terms of our faith. God wants us to get better and immerse ourselves more in the person of Jesus Christ and His ever faithful love.

What are the perks?


You’ll have the best kind of defense


You get fully re-charged



Zombies ain’t gonna bring you down.

Now that you guys are ready…

DSC_4632Prepare for Battle. Let’s get it on!


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