Firewoman by Hungry Young Poets

“Firewoman” (lyrics)

Verse 1:

The moon’s gone down
I know you’re still awake
This heart I’ve found
I didn’t intend to break

Refrain 1:

Cause I’ve seen the world from down there
And it wasn’t a pretty sight
Now the circle is turning
Are you armed for the fight

I wanna be your firewoman
I’ll water down your desire
Because i know this love is a killer
I wanna put out your fire

Verse 2:

Apology…’s futility
Now, destiny…is not a friend
Not a friend

Refrain 2:

Cause I’ve seen the world from down there
And it wasn’t a pretty sight
Now the circle is turning
Are you gonna be alright

(Repeat Chorus)

Did you come from danger?
You gave me love for pain
Now you’re much more than a stranger
I wanna give you love
But all I have is rain

(Repeat Chorus)

I’m gonna put it out put it out (4x)

I wanna be your firewoman (put it out) (put it out) (3x)
I gonna be your firewoman


My Best Friend’s Wedding

Image2 days to go before the Big Day.

I made this rare post especially for you my dear friend.

Allow me to honor you this time. Ready??? 😉

Kuya JM…

You’ve always been one of my inspirations in life.

You’re such a good role model to me.

Have I told you how legit you are? Nuh-uh?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYour wicked hairstyle back then was on point.

That’s why I decided to cut my hair, so that it’ll look just a little bit like yours.

Hey, you know what? You deserve to be featured in a toothpaste commercial.

8730_140417528425_7175195_nGeez… I wish I had those.

60120_437893538425_1978092_nSharing the same passion in music could be a clue to crack our mysterious friendship. Lalala-lala!!!

72702_456966858425_7336686_nNever forget our awesome out of town trips when we need to forget the stress of the big city.

222324_10150175138084682_3742231_nAnd how can someone so serious be extremely hilarious at the same time?

13667_200509473425_6636086_nBut seriously thank you for your willingness to listen and for always being there for us.

For being my “kuya” in the community.

215954_10150168950303426_7965230_nAnd a true friend forever.

You have inspired me to dream big and explore the world. 🙂

2013-11-14 13.09.48Remember this? St. Sealtiel will always remind me that you are a man who stands before God.

535586_10150733064439682_1979242994_nAnd because you are a man of faith, you are not afraid to fly.

You are ready to jump to the next chapter of your life aren’t you?

Well I couldn’t be happier for you kuya.

It’s just that, I didn’t expect that the person God has prepared for you is…


Katniss Everdeen 🙂

I just want you to know that I am pretty excited to be on your wedding day.

I know that we’re gonna have a good time. Party!!! Yeah!

On your special day with your special someone, I pray to the Lord to make you the man that He wants you to be –

the best version of yourself.

The perfect Storm Trooper for your Belle.

Together with our Awesome friends, we look forward to more epic horror flicks to watch, more 3-in-1 coffee to sip and stir, and loads of breathtaking adventures in the future.

Nothing will change. It just keeps getting better and better.

One thing’s for sure.

578510_10151840446028426_233977697_nYou will always remain Awesome.

Give A Drop of Love

Give A Drop of Love

Help our brothers and sisters from Tacloban, Philippines. Pray for the affected families of typhoon Haiyan. They desperately need food, water, medicines, etc.

Please see poster on how you can make your DONATION today.

Let us pray to God to help them find a brand new hope and strength to face their current lives. God’s love never fails. Visayas will overcome!


A Life in Light

Prayer Works

No darkness can resist even the smallest lit candle.

When we pray to God, we reflect His goodness. We too emit a certain kind of radiance which heals and gives comfort.

As we offer a simple prayer to the Lord today, ask Him to give you the ability to shine for Him.

“A life with Jesus is a life in light.”

Praying to the Lord will not just give you a fresh new perspective everyday, it will mold you to be your best self.

Remember that there is power in prayer. And if you believe and start practicing the art of having a personal prayer time, it will definitely change you.

Enjoy the blessing of this brand new day and let God light up your life!

Field of Faith

My New Song entitled, “Field of Faith” which is co-written by my good friend Milton Rafael Alvarez and arranged by Ernie John Clores, will be featured in the Catholic Social Media Summit version 2.0 #CSMS2 this coming November 23-24. 🙂

Don’t miss it! 🙂 Join the Digital REVOLUTION!

Please SHARE this link and let’s all be part of the #NewEvangelization

God Bless Everyone! 🙂