Your Love Never Fails by Chris Quilala

“Your Love Never Fails” (lyrics)

Verse 1:

Nothing can separate
Even if I ran away
Your love never fails

I know I still make mistakes
But You have new mercies for me everyday
Your love never fails


You stay the same through the ages
Your love never changes
There may be pain in the night but joy comes in the morning

And when the oceans rage
I don’t have to be afraid
Because I know that You love me
Your love never fails

Verse 2:

The wind is strong and the water’s deep
But I’m not alone here in these open seas
Cause Your love never fails

The chasm is far too wide
I never thought I’d reach the other side
But Your love never fails

You make all things work together for my good


I Will Go by Starfield

“I Will Go” (lyrics)

Verse 1:

To the desperate eyes and reaching hands
To the suffering and the lean
To the ones the world has cast aside
Where you want me I will be


I will go, I will go
I will go, Lord send me
To the world, To the lost
To the poor and hungry
Take everything I am
I’m clay within your hands
I will go, I will go, send me

Verse 2:

Let me not be blind with privilege
Give me eyes to see the pain
Let the blessing You’ve poured out on me
Not be spent on me in vain
Let this life be used for change

(Repeat Chorus)


I wanna live for you
Go where you lead me
I wanna follow you
(Repeat 3x)

(Repeat Chorus)

Send me (4x)

A Million Suns by Hillsong United

“A Million Suns” (lyrics)

You stand eternal
The uncreated One
Who knows no end

The starry wonders
The vast expanses
Bound to Your command


You shine like a million suns ablaze
Wrapped in eternal light and praise
Jesus the First, the Last
The Bright, the Morning Star

You spoke creation
Into existence
Life and all we are

Beyond all measure
The universe
An echo of Your power

(Repeat Chorus 2x)


Never ending
You will reign forevermore
You are holy
You are worthy
Lord of all

(Repeat 3x)
(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Everything Glorious by David Crowder Band

“Everything Glorious” (lyrics)

The day is brighter here with You
The night is lighter than its hue
Would lead me to believe
Which leads me to believe

You make everything glorious
You make everything glorious
Yeah, You make everything glorious
And I am Yours
What does that make me?

My eyes are small but they have seen
The beauty of enormous things
Which leads me to believe
There’s light enough to see
Oh, that

From glory to glory
You are glorious
You are glorious
From glory to glory
You are glorious
You are glorious
Which leads me to believe
Why I can believe

From glory to glory
You are glorious

I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

“I See Fire” (lyrics)

Oh, misty eye of the mountain below
Keep careful watch of my brothers’ souls
And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke
Keep watching over Durin’s sons

If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together
Watch the flames climb high into the night

Calling out father, oh,
Stand by and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side high

And if we should die tonight
We should all die together
Raise a glass of wine for the last time

Calling out father, oh,
Prepare as we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side

Desolation comes upon the sky


Now I see fire
Inside the mountain
I see fire
Burning the trees
And I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze
And I hope that you remember me

Oh, should my people fall in
Surely I’ll do the same
Confined in mountain halls
We got too close to the flame

Calling out father, oh,
Hold fast and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side

Desolation comes upon the sky

(Repeat Chorus)

And if the night is burning
I will cover my eyes
For if the dark returns
Then my brothers will die
And as the sky is falling down
It crashed into this lonely town
And with that shadow upon the ground
I hear my people screaming out

(Repeat Chorus except last line)

I see fire (Oh you know I saw a city burning) (fire)
And I see fire (Feel the heat upon my skin, yeah) (fire)
And I see fire (Uh-uh-uh-uh) (fire)
And I see fire burn auburn on the mountain side