Happy Birthday to Me! :)

Happy Birthday to Me! :)

I thank God for 27 beautiful years of my life. And my party yesterday was a blast! 🙂

Now let me tell you what makes my birthday awesome:

1. Home is where the heart is.

I got to spend my birthday with dear family and friends. 🙂 I miss having traditional birthday parties at home and true enough my family throw a seventh birthday party theme just for me. Imagine waking up and seeing nemo, hello kitty, ben10, batman, spongebob and minions all over the place. Crazy but we had so much fun. 😀

2. On a High.

I started my day praying the rosary and offering my 27 years of existence to God. Thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings that you’ve given me and most especially for making me see how beautiful it is to really live life to the fullest. Thank you Mama Mary for always being at my side and for being the best role model, I love you!

3. Total Pig-out.

My whole family loves to cook (except for me :P) and they make the most delicious food ever. It’s true! We can even start a restaurant or any food business if we like. And since the prodigal daughter came back haha they’ve prepared a feast that made everyone gaga for more.

4. Love me Do.

I love The Beatles, my dad and I used to listen to their music. This band and the songs they’ve written will live on forever. That’s why I cannot contain my excitement when I received this special cake. (refer to my photo – Isn’t it cool? yeah, yeah, yeah…) Thank you John, Paul, George and Ringo for making my day extra special and thank you for the roses too. I love you guys so much haha 😀

5. Shout-out

Receiving sweet birthday greetings and heartwarming words from family, friends, relatives, all the people I’ve met and encounter in my life, from good friends all over the globe – you guys made my birthday super special!

Thank you for remembering my birthday! To all who greeted me – I LOVE YOU ALL!!! 🙂

My 27th Birthday will always be a special one. This is my last birthday as a single lady haha 😀 Soon I’ll marry the man of my dreams. (*whew! there I said it! ;)) Thank you Lord for everything, thank you for 27 years of experiencing your faithfulness and for loving me then until now. You are my promise-keeper and I long for your plans to happen in my life.

Birthdays are special. There’s always a reason to celebrate your birthday. Cause when you do, you feel loved.

Happiness? It’s more of pure joy. Let us appreciate God’s greatest blessing – Cheers to life!


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