Receive Me (I’m yours) by Brother Isaiah


“Receive Me (I’m Yours)” lyrics


You loosen my grip (on life),

You lighten my heart (O Love),

You relax my soul

in your tender arms.


And you quiet my heart

with this love-filled silence;

You quiet my heart, oh love


To your hands, my life,

To your paths, my feet,

To you, O Lord,

I abandon everything.


For you are good (my every good),

And you are true;

And your love for me is unwearied, Lord;

Yes your love me’s so deep, so good.


To your hands, my life,

To your paths, my feet,

To you, O Lord,

I abandon everything.


Keep Your Eyes Open by Kuh De Luna

Hey guys! It was my first time to try and film myself while performing an original composition so my apologies for being so awkward in front of the camera. :p Also, I’m not a pro guitar player so forgive my lapses. I don’t have any proper recording equipment but I will definitely adding those to my future plans. πŸ™‚ I basically play and sing because I love writing songs and I don’t really have a choice but to do it on my own so I could share even just a bit of inspiration through my music to all of you. πŸ™‚

“Keep Your Eyes Open” it’s about sharing a vulnerable moment when you’re facing great difficulties in life whether something hasn’t worked out as planned, maybe you’re going through a painful break-up or you may be feeling drained from a lot of aspects in your life, etc. I wrote this song because like all of you, I also experience these things and yes, feelings get the best of me sometimes. And being in this situation made me think and reflect more on the necessary stuff. When you have so much going on in your head, just pause for a moment and take a breather. For me, crisis comes when we’re traversing with a wrong perspective. I mean, problems and challenges will always be there because a lot of those just come with growing-up. It’s about having a right mindset especially when you feel like the Lord has hidden his face from you. “Keep Your Eyes Open” was not created to ignore the difficulties you have at the moment, but I do hope that somehow when you listen to this song it will make you feel a lot better and instill a brand new hope that you can hold on to. πŸ™‚

“Keep Your Eyes Open” (lyrics)


When those days hit you

Keep your eyes open

When those days hit you

Keep your eyes open


Verse 1:

Hey, this is real life!

Hey, gotta wake up!

Never lose your voice

Never lose you faith… in Him.

(Repeat Chorus)


Verse 2:

Lots of battle scars

I was convinced that love was real

Though I cannot see you now

But I know you’re there

(Repeat Chorus)



Believe me when I say

I had my downfalls too

But I’m eagerly waiting Β (4x)

For you (2x)

(Repeat Chorus)


I will release a more polished version of this song hopefully soon. Please do comment and tell me your thoughts. Hope you guys can support and I’d love to hear from all of you!

God bless! ❀