Gio Linatoc Showreel 2012

Fine Talent.


Who Rock Now!!!

Who Rock Now!!!

God has given me this faith.

The kind of faith that changes me forever.

He loves without judgment and easily forgives.

The kind of love that brings people back home.

He saves you from the noisy world you lived in.

And challenges you to create the kind of music that people need to stay alive!

So be the music that echoes God’s glory to this generation.

Show your real assets to the world – your heart, mind, talents and that one of a kind spirit that others ain’t gonna miss!

The Road Less Traveled


It all has to happen exactly how God wants it to happen.

You just need to know how to read between the lines.

Soon this journey of a thousand miles will start.

And I’m gonna savor every moment of it.

These big plans of mine, I’m surrendering it all to the Lord.

Trust your own instincts. I always keep that in mind too.

Well you know the road less traveled?

That’s where I’m heading.