When you’re younger you spend your days on finding yourself, your identity, true love and the meaning of your existence. So you pile on clothes, accessories, whatever makes you beautiful, confident and accepted. But when you grow up, you get to see the bigger picture of what life is. It is complex, a bit complicated, but also you got to admit that it’s damn beautiful.

Ally Sheedy once said, “When you grow up, your heart dies.” I don’t believe this. It’s just that when we get older, our hearts mature. And when you put your heart on something, it grows with it. Preferences and priorities change. Maybe there are times when you stop loving for a while but eventually your heart will always find a reason to beat again. Passion, Family, Career, whatever it is that matters most to you.

I am thankful for my new life in Christ. He is the reason why my heart beats so fast, why I’m excited to get up every single day and why I always recognise the simplest blessings in my life. With Him, it’s like a big adventure, really. Sometimes it feels like you’re on a great hunt with a lot of twists and turns and ups and downs. And then you reach a certain point where your body gets tired and you’re on the verge of almost giving up because you believe that you still haven’t found the prize. We’ll that’s when this awesome disclosure happens and you realized that being with Christ is the goal and that the most precious treasure that you will find in the entire universe is Him.

Jesus is enough. Life in Christ is simple. If you’re contented with what you have then you are happy. You cannot buy or find happiness in other people’s lives. Happiness lives within. When you have Jesus in your life, you have everything. He is the deepest longing of your heart and only in Him will you find peace. Mitch Albom’s right when he said that, “Scenery without solace is meaningless.” Peace is what we’re looking for, right? Then, Christ is exactly what we need. Through Him and in Him, we will find peace. He gave our hearts the perfect reason to beat again – to love Him and love our neighbors, to strive hard to be like Him. Jesus is humble enough to became bread for us. This is where the great adventure begins… in a heartbeat.

So, are we up to the challenge? To follow Christ is a blessing. This is a fact. And it’s real big one.

Blessed, Broken and Shared. Peace be with you.


In Your Arms (DEMO) by Kuh Belarmino & Noel Earl Racho


Song Title: In Your Arms

Original Composition/Song Lyrics by Kuh Belarmino

Vocals/Musical Arranger: Noel Earl Racho


“In Your Arms” (lyrics)

Verse 1:

I am a lonely sinner

This life is meaningless

Searching for a star to fall

That’ll save me from the cold

Verse 2:

Wonderin’ if it’s too late

Everything seems to fade

Call out to Him today

And He told me to cry no more


You’ve given me a chance to live

Once again in your arms

I will hold You tight

Never will I let you go

For You are the light

That saves my heart and soul

I will hold You tight

Never will I let You go

Verse 3:

Show me the right direction

Lord, I’m giving you my whole

Searching for a connection

That’ll bring me back to You


(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Nothing to Fear by Andy Cherry

No circumstance of mine
No darkness no divide
Can keep me from your promises
No pow’r on earth could fight
The presence of your light
Chasing all my doubt away


There is nothing to fear
You are with me
Nothing to fear
You are holding me
Why should I worry
When Your love surrounds me
There is nothing to fear
You are with me

Above and below
You are in control
You hold me with your promises
When trouble hides your face
You’re never far away
You my god are strong to save


My hope is you alone, it’s you alone it’s you
I trust in you alone, it’s you alone it’s you

Cause you have never let me go
Cause you have never let me go
Cause you will never let me go

Give A Drop of Love

Give A Drop of Love

Help our brothers and sisters from Tacloban, Philippines. Pray for the affected families of typhoon Haiyan. They desperately need food, water, medicines, etc.

Please see poster on how you can make your DONATION today.

Let us pray to God to help them find a brand new hope and strength to face their current lives. God’s love never fails. Visayas will overcome!


Field of Faith

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