Esta es la juventud del Papa!

Esta es la juventud del Papa!

World Youth Day is a great blessing to young people in every generation. It recaptures that sense of friendship and community. Sharing the faith, love and hope to brothers and sisters in Christ all over the World.

We are the Church! And I am part of this New Evangelization.

Esta es la juventud del Papa!

God Wants You


God calls everyone of us.

No matter where you are today, what state of life you are into and whatever you claim yourself to be…


All of us can be used by God. We can serve Him in various ways and by utilizing our God-given talents.

God wanted to turn your music into ‘His song.’

To bring people together. To give them hope and a reason to live again.

Refresh your faith today and watch how amazing God is in working in your life.

God is a cool God. He can go with you in places that you wanted to be, He will meet you where you are at the moment and He will support and push you to be the best person that you wanted to be.

For all of these Lord, we salute you! Rock on!!! \m/

Awesome Friends

Awesome Friends

A forkful of frankness and laughter. This is how we manage to stay as friends for a long time.

We may not be always together but we see to it that we make time once in a while to bond and catch up.

It was always fun being with them. May it be for an unexpected adventure or just another plain coffee night – we don’t really care. Because each of those memories┬ádo count.

If you want to understand and get to know me, try to get to know my friends.

They are considered as my family.

Want to know our little secret? Nothing big actually, we keep calm and see to it that we always stay awesome.