When you’re younger you spend your days on finding yourself, your identity, true love and the meaning of your existence. So you pile on clothes, accessories, whatever makes you beautiful, confident and accepted. But when you grow up, you get to see the bigger picture of what life is. It is complex, a bit complicated, but also you got to admit that it’s damn beautiful.

Ally Sheedy once said, “When you grow up, your heart dies.” I don’t believe this. It’s just that when we get older, our hearts mature. And when you put your heart on something, it grows with it. Preferences and priorities change. Maybe there are times when you stop loving for a while but eventually your heart will always find a reason to beat again. Passion, Family, Career, whatever it is that matters most to you.

I am thankful for my new life in Christ. He is the reason why my heart beats so fast, why I’m excited to get up every single day and why I always recognise the simplest blessings in my life. With Him, it’s like a big adventure, really. Sometimes it feels like you’re on a great hunt with a lot of twists and turns and ups and downs. And then you reach a certain point where your body gets tired and you’re on the verge of almost giving up because you believe that you still haven’t found the prize. We’ll that’s when this awesome disclosure happens and you realized that being with Christ is the goal and that the most precious treasure that you will find in the entire universe is Him.

Jesus is enough. Life in Christ is simple. If you’re contented with what you have then you are happy. You cannot buy or find happiness in other people’s lives. Happiness lives within. When you have Jesus in your life, you have everything. He is the deepest longing of your heart and only in Him will you find peace. Mitch Albom’s right when he said that, “Scenery without solace is meaningless.” Peace is what we’re looking for, right? Then, Christ is exactly what we need. Through Him and in Him, we will find peace. He gave our hearts the perfect reason to beat again – to love Him and love our neighbors, to strive hard to be like Him. Jesus is humble enough to became bread for us. This is where the great adventure begins… in a heartbeat.

So, are we up to the challenge? To follow Christ is a blessing. This is a fact. And it’s real big one.

Blessed, Broken and Shared. Peace be with you.


A Letter to My 12 Year Old Self

A Letter to My 12 Year Old Self

To My 12 Year Old Self,

Hi! It’s nice to talk to you again and I thank God for the opportunity to have this conversation with you. I would like to share with you all my life adventures and misadventures. And I tell you, it’s a very interesting roller coaster ride.

I know that you are a dreamer. You have dreamed of becoming a doctor, an astronaut, a pilot and even a rock superstar. I want you to be excited because those dreams will actually happen but God made your life even more interesting. At age 22, God will call you to become a Missionary. Are you surprised? I know… I have the same feeling and I asked God ‘why’ a thousand times but it was actually the biggest blessing that you will receive from Him. God will let you experience many things, even the unexplainable. Maraming surprises si Lord! He will make you appreciate how beautiful life is, so be excited!

I know that you are very shy and you find it difficult to open up to other people, but God will allow you to deal with different types of people from all over the world. You will overcome your fear of rejection, that shyness and the Lord will use you to heal those people in need. You will bring cure and comfort to the broken and to those who have lost hope in living. God will take you to various places and you will appreciate the images printedĀ  in your history books and in the world map. You will find yourself in the heavens often, closer than you’ve ever been with Him. I know that Music is your passion. Well, after High School you will learn that you have a gift in songwriting. You will not only write about heartbreak and love songs for boys that you like, in the future you will discover God’s mission to you – and that is to sing and make music for His glory.

I know that you are one tough cookie but deep within you’re such a hopeless romantic. At age 18 you will meet your first and last boyfriend, the man of your dreams. Being in a relationship is not easy, there are many ups and downs but don’t worry God will protect that relationship and be with you every step of the way. At age 26, you will be engaged to Jeffrey De Luna and the next year will be the start of a beautiful forever.

God loves you so much and He will continue to love you endlessly.

Believe me, I am sure of this. šŸ™‚


Your older self “Kuh” šŸ˜‰

Love Never Fails You

Love Never Fails You

When you feel lost and lonely we usually look for the light.

When you’re weak and lifeless, you hold on to anything that will make you feel good.

If you need something that will lift you up…

Then you need to experience being in love again.

Yes I’m talking about love.


Love will definitely set you free.

Amazing feeling. Out of this world rush. Or any way you want to describe it.

But in reality you just don’t need any kind of love.

Because not all kinds of love can make you happy. Agree?

This time what you need is to really allow God to love you.

So take the time to appreciate the love that’s being offered to You – by the ONE.


God’s Love is way better than any other ordinary love there is.

This kind of love is not only life-giving but it will give you the chance to really live your life – again.

A life that’s been forgiven and made free from all the sins that we’ve committed. A life that’s free from any dark past. A life that’s been renewed by the love of God.

It is our new self that matters most to Him.

He is ready to accept you.

Never lose hope for the love of God is greater than anything or anyone in this world. Even greater than your pride.


Let the Lord embrace you. Feel how much he loves you today. This is what you’re looking for, right?

The kind of comfort that will last forever.


God’s love will never fail you.

Never. Ever.

It is here. Right Now.

Set a Fire

Set a Fire

There’s no place I’d rather be…

I realized that God perfectly planned out my life inĀ the past years. And you know what? I have never been so grateful that I am alive!

Now I was so drawn to the voice of the Lord and I cannot help myself from saying ‘YES’ to His will, even if it means that I have to jump off the cliff again and walk on water like the first time. I am certain that the Lord is with me in this new journey.

I just pray to Him to make this faith of mine even stronger. I lift up myself to Him to help me imitate Him better and be with me in reaching out to the furthest of hearts. It is All about Him and always will be. I am glad that I can partake in this work to show my love for Him. Because more people need to satisfy their longing for LOVE.

My heart burnsĀ only for You, Lord. Make me shout endless praises and bless me with the ability to loveĀ you andĀ other peopleĀ in the best way I can.

You’ve called me to do this and I look forward to seeing more lives being changed in Your name. Jesus you are lovely, set my heart on fire, and to always recognize the privilege of being in Your most holy presence.

I want nothing but You and I want more of You.

I want more of You Jesus!

Staying in love with you Lord will set the world on fire!

Thank you CFC FFL!

Thank you CFC FFL!

I started walking with God through the CFC Singles for Family and Life Community in 2007, and from that year up to this moment the Lord has revealed so many miracles in my life already. After two years of being a member, I received a call from Him in 2009 to be a Fulltime Missionary and after saying “YES” truly my life has never been the same again.

This community taught me a lot of things most especially to have that confidence in the Lord, value and appreciate family life, embrace Missionary Work and to always surrender my life to the Lord’s plan. What matters to me now is what my God wants, how I can serve others and I always pray to Him to bless me with a heart that is ready to love at all times.

This community was a blessing from Him and will always be a reminder of His Amazing love for me. I will continue to serve Him and proclaim His greatness for all to see and experience. And as for me, I will forever be His Missionary.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!” – Isaiah 6:8

Praise His Holy name forever and ever!