Love Never Fails You

Love Never Fails You

When you feel lost and lonely we usually look for the light.

When you’re weak and lifeless, you hold on to anything that will make you feel good.

If you need something that will lift you up…

Then you need to experience being in love again.

Yes I’m talking about love.


Love will definitely set you free.

Amazing feeling. Out of this world rush. Or any way you want to describe it.

But in reality you just don’t need any kind of love.

Because not all kinds of love can make you happy. Agree?

This time what you need is to really allow God to love you.

So take the time to appreciate the love that’s being offered to You – by the ONE.


God’s Love is way better than any other ordinary love there is.

This kind of love is not only life-giving but it will give you the chance to really live your life – again.

A life that’s been forgiven and made free from all the sins that we’ve committed. A life that’s free from any dark past. A life that’s been renewed by the love of God.

It is our new self that matters most to Him.

He is ready to accept you.

Never lose hope for the love of God is greater than anything or anyone in this world. Even greater than your pride.


Let the Lord embrace you. Feel how much he loves you today. This is what you’re looking for, right?

The kind of comfort that will last forever.


God’s love will never fail you.

Never. Ever.

It is here. Right Now.


Obey your thirst

Obey your thirst

“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost.” – Isaiah 55:1

Jesus is the ultimate thirst quencher. The Living water that can refresh our body and soul. If we come to Him we’re sure to be nourished and revitalized. He offers this lasting relationship with us and gives His love for free. The question is… will you take it? The choice is yours. Choose Jesus Christ and Live the best Life ever!



Apart from God we can do nothing. For He has done great things for us. He has shown incredible strength and possess a merciful heart. Jesus Christ wants us to always have faith in Him and in the works that was entrusted to us.

Our faith will make us stronger and be even more convicted to share Christ to everyone we know and will meet in the future. And in His promise, we will see and do Greater things for His Glory!

Lights, Camera, Action!


Life is exciting.  It’s like a motion picture film.

Well I know that there are lots of crazy things going on in us personally.

Some are having the time of their life now, others kill themselves with too much workload. Some are emotionally okay… oh, some are not. It’s fun to see a person laughing so much and it’s painful to witness a friend who’s brokenhearted at the moment. Some are involved in a fight while others take their time to achieve peace and order in the society. Many people deal with problems, well aren’t we all? There are those who are easy going and others are stuck with their boring day to day routine.

There exist an unstoppable list of this and that, of hurrays and boos, but the thing is – this is real life.

The stories that you watch on screen are linear and finite, that is why most of the time it’s predictable.

Real Life is worth more than a reel of film that you usually paid for in the silver screen.


Because this is your Life. It is a Great Blessing – remember that.

You see, we got everything – action, drama, comedy, suspense, sometimes even horror.

What’s my point?

Most of the time, our lives are taken for granted. We are careless on how we act and never really think of the consequences involved every time.

We are free to dream on what’s gonna happen in our lives but never forget that God has written a beautiful script for you already. Let it be your guide. Allow the Lord to direct you every step of the way. Listen to His voice so that it will be easier to deal with all kinds of situations.

Rekindle that Director-Actor relationship and prepare to witness the most amazing storyline ever created, a treasure for the next generation. A story worth telling to your future children.

After realizing all these maybe you’re okay to go back on set.

Take a deep breath because here comes the clapper. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!