Awakening by Maria Kuh De Luna


“AWAKENING” (lyrics)

God is enough, God is enough

He’s all I need, His love is all I need

God is enough, God is enough

He’s all I need, His love is all I need to go

Ohhh… Ohhh..

Verse 1:

It’s such a privilege to be called

To witness to countless miracles

I have seen and I have been

In the highest peak with You


Oohhh… This is His plan for me

Oohhh… Faith that the world may see Your love

Verse 2:

Never lose the faith, dear nation

For all leaders of this land will soon bow down

To the King, In His love will spring

The hope of a brand new life

(Repeat Refrain)


Share Christ to every person

Let your heart be filled with love

Go ahead and follow Jesus

For this is who we are

Take courage to walk on water

Listen to the call

Be fearless to proclaim

For the world needs to know

(Repeat Refrain)

Your Great, Your Great love (4x)


Keep Your Eyes Open by Kuh De Luna

Hey guys! It was my first time to try and film myself while performing an original composition so my apologies for being so awkward in front of the camera. :p Also, I’m not a pro guitar player so forgive my lapses. I don’t have any proper recording equipment but I will definitely adding those to my future plans. 🙂 I basically play and sing because I love writing songs and I don’t really have a choice but to do it on my own so I could share even just a bit of inspiration through my music to all of you. 🙂

“Keep Your Eyes Open” it’s about sharing a vulnerable moment when you’re facing great difficulties in life whether something hasn’t worked out as planned, maybe you’re going through a painful break-up or you may be feeling drained from a lot of aspects in your life, etc. I wrote this song because like all of you, I also experience these things and yes, feelings get the best of me sometimes. And being in this situation made me think and reflect more on the necessary stuff. When you have so much going on in your head, just pause for a moment and take a breather. For me, crisis comes when we’re traversing with a wrong perspective. I mean, problems and challenges will always be there because a lot of those just come with growing-up. It’s about having a right mindset especially when you feel like the Lord has hidden his face from you. “Keep Your Eyes Open” was not created to ignore the difficulties you have at the moment, but I do hope that somehow when you listen to this song it will make you feel a lot better and instill a brand new hope that you can hold on to. 🙂

“Keep Your Eyes Open” (lyrics)


When those days hit you

Keep your eyes open

When those days hit you

Keep your eyes open


Verse 1:

Hey, this is real life!

Hey, gotta wake up!

Never lose your voice

Never lose you faith… in Him.

(Repeat Chorus)


Verse 2:

Lots of battle scars

I was convinced that love was real

Though I cannot see you now

But I know you’re there

(Repeat Chorus)



Believe me when I say

I had my downfalls too

But I’m eagerly waiting  (4x)

For you (2x)

(Repeat Chorus)


I will release a more polished version of this song hopefully soon. Please do comment and tell me your thoughts. Hope you guys can support and I’d love to hear from all of you!

God bless! ❤

Sino Siya by Kuh Belarmino-De Luna


Song Title: Sino Siya

Composer: Kuh Belarmino-De Luna

Album: Awakening


“Sino Siya” (lyrics)

Verse 1:

Minsan nangarap akong mag-isa

Maglakbay patungong langit

Tahakin ang lahat ng daan

Sa’king paglalakad

Nasalubong kong isang estranghero



Nakatingin sa akin

Bumubulong sa hangin

Hindi ko maintindihan

Sino Siya


Verse 2:

Pagbilis ng aking lakad

Pagtagal nitong paglalakbay

Sa pagsunod ng mga direksyon

Nasalubong kong isang estranghero


(Repeat Chorus 2x)



Munting bituin sa langit

Humihiling ako sayo

(Repeat 2x)

Diyos nga ba ang nakikita kong…

(Repeat Chorus 2x)


Diyos nga ba ang nakikita ko (3x)

Diyos na nga ang nakikita ko


This Love Will Last Forever by Kuh Belarmino De Luna

Song Title: “This Love Will Last Forever”
Artist/Composer: Kuh Belarmino De Luna
Musical Arranger: Ej Clores
Album: Awakening

“This Love Will Last Forever” (Lyrics)

Verse 1:
All I can see is a crooked road
These feet don’t know which way to go (ooh)
But shooting stars in the darkened sky
Breaking the chains and tune my heart
I am set free, He said


You are always hiding dear (woah, yeah)
I will never leave your side… Go!


Fight the night
You’re all I ever need
My life is yours
Your mercies never cease
I know this time
I’ll proclaim that you’re my One True God
This love will last forever

Verse 2:

You got to learn to exhale the past
Embrace a new life with the Father (ooh)
Your plans are are better and I’d love to spend forever
In Your presence, I am set free
You said

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat Chorus)


You gave your life and saved my soul (8x)

In Your Arms (DEMO) by Kuh Belarmino & Noel Earl Racho


Song Title: In Your Arms

Original Composition/Song Lyrics by Kuh Belarmino

Vocals/Musical Arranger: Noel Earl Racho


“In Your Arms” (lyrics)

Verse 1:

I am a lonely sinner

This life is meaningless

Searching for a star to fall

That’ll save me from the cold

Verse 2:

Wonderin’ if it’s too late

Everything seems to fade

Call out to Him today

And He told me to cry no more


You’ve given me a chance to live

Once again in your arms

I will hold You tight

Never will I let you go

For You are the light

That saves my heart and soul

I will hold You tight

Never will I let You go

Verse 3:

Show me the right direction

Lord, I’m giving you my whole

Searching for a connection

That’ll bring me back to You


(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Awakening by Kuh Belarmino

Check out my New Song Composition entitled, “Awakening” which is inspired by my World Youth Day 2013 (JMJ 2013) experience in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

*Special thanks to my amazing and very talented friend Ej Clores (Musical Arranger), thank you for your time, effort and passion for music. 🙂

“Allow the Lord to Change your Heart and be excited to discover what He intends you to be. Go and Make Disciples of All Nations! God Bless!!!” 🙂