Look to Jesus

Look to Jesus

Our goals begin with a clear vision.

Without it you won’t go anywhere.

It matters where we look!

And so we look to Jesus as our Ultimate Prize.

In Him and with Him you’ll know what to do and where to start the work.

For God will amazingly send help when you most need it.

People will start living if you CHOOSE LIFE!


Turn the lights on!

Turn the lights on!

We became the good news because we have that intimate relationship with Jesus and was able to bring the message of love to others.

Because Jesus prepared the way for us, we are able to traverse on a journey with Him.

Well don’t you think other people also deserve to walk in the same path?

Yes they do.

So Jesus is now sending you to the world. To proclaim the Gospel, who He really is.

We must be light bearers for Christ. So start making your life into a guiding light for others.

Soon people of every nation and race will worship the same Christ, our Lord. Amen.

The Green Door

The Green Door

In this life we will encounter a lot of doors.

Some look normal, some are old and scary, others are plain weird.

But the bottom line is, you just have to know yourself.

You have a choice. Try to remember that.

Always choose a door that fits you, which reflects who you really are.

It’s as simple as a combination of art and latte.

As for me, I choose to try this green door beside me.

It may look crazy and weird for you all but from what I believe in, God will open countless doors of opportunities in my life.

it’s a matter of knowing what you’re looking at and finding the right colored door made especially for you.