A Letter to My 12 Year Old Self

A Letter to My 12 Year Old Self

To My 12 Year Old Self,

Hi! It’s nice to talk to you again and I thank God for the opportunity to have this conversation with you. I would like to share with you all my life adventures and misadventures. And I tell you, it’s a very interesting roller coaster ride.

I know that you are a dreamer. You have dreamed of becoming a doctor, an astronaut, a pilot and even a rock superstar. I want you to be excited because those dreams will actually happen but God made your life even more interesting. At age 22, God will call you to become a Missionary. Are you surprised? I know… I have the same feeling and I asked God ‘why’ a thousand times but it was actually the biggest blessing that you will receive from Him. God will let you experience many things, even the unexplainable. Maraming surprises si Lord! He will make you appreciate how beautiful life is, so be excited!

I know that you are very shy and you find it difficult to open up to other people, but God will allow you to deal with different types of people from all over the world. You will overcome your fear of rejection, that shyness and the Lord will use you to heal those people in need. You will bring cure and comfort to the broken and to those who have lost hope in living. God will take you to various places and you will appreciate the images printed  in your history books and in the world map. You will find yourself in the heavens often, closer than you’ve ever been with Him. I know that Music is your passion. Well, after High School you will learn that you have a gift in songwriting. You will not only write about heartbreak and love songs for boys that you like, in the future you will discover God’s mission to you – and that is to sing and make music for His glory.

I know that you are one tough cookie but deep within you’re such a hopeless romantic. At age 18 you will meet your first and last boyfriend, the man of your dreams. Being in a relationship is not easy, there are many ups and downs but don’t worry God will protect that relationship and be with you every step of the way. At age 26, you will be engaged to Jeffrey De Luna and the next year will be the start of a beautiful forever.

God loves you so much and He will continue to love you endlessly.

Believe me, I am sure of this. đŸ™‚


Your older self “Kuh” đŸ˜‰


Best Before Dates

Best Before Dates

Ever heard of expiration dating?

Welcome to the world where everything is instant and everyone has access to anything. That goes for relationships nowadays as well.

Expiration Dating or better known as ‘flings’ are the kind of relationship that’s never gonna last. So why do young people engage in such thing?

I’ll tell you why. Because it’s fun, it means that you are up for an adventure, and the fact that both of you know that it’s going to end soon anyways.

Many of us can probably relate to this, or somehow experience having this type of thing. I don’t judge you, because most of us are guilty of committing this crime.

But the thing is, Expiration Dating may sound cool to you today but you must think of the consequences now if you are thinking of entering in this drama. Or if you are caught in this situation, I beg you to get out – NOW!

Do not let your insecurities eat you. Do not find love in the wrong places or be involve with the wrong guy or girl. Stop hurting yourself and the other person.

Relationships with a ‘Best Before Dates’ are not safe at all. Give value to the real quality of your life. In the future, you will look back on what really happened to you when you are young and if you have so much baggage from your past relationships, still it will hurt you and your future partner.

Love is not a feeling. It is a Commitment between two people that even when the ‘cloud 9’ feeling fades you still choose to stay with each other.

Having a secured relationship with the Lord will help you find that one true love that you’ve been praying for all your life. Just be patient and make your life as a single person count today.

So no more expiration dating for us. We deserve to live a life of freedom; free to live and free to love the right person.

Do you know what the good news is? The love of God has already set you free. đŸ™‚

Awesome Friends

Awesome Friends

A forkful of frankness and laughter. This is how we manage to stay as friends for a long time.

We may not be always together but we see to it that we make time once in a while to bond and catch up.

It was always fun being with them. May it be for an unexpected adventure or just another plain coffee night – we don’t really care. Because each of those memories do count.

If you want to understand and get to know me, try to get to know my friends.

They are considered as my family.

Want to know our little secret? Nothing big actually, we keep calm and see to it that we always stay awesome.