The Best Travel Companion

The Best Travel Companion

The journey that I have started today becomes more meaningful because I learned to submit to a greater power beyond me. Whenever I travel, I constantly meet Him on the road over and over again. So now, I can’t hold back this overflowing love that I felt in my life.

Jesus, you are indeed, the best travel companion that I have found.



God’s grace is everywhere.

If I could rename the Earth maybe I would change it to “GRACELAND.”

God thought of it so well and everywhere you look, you’ll see His overflowing love.

Everything is connected and with a specific purpose.

Every single being is created in love.

The good things in your life is part of His work.

Yes you are blessed and yes everything is pure grace. 🙂

God Wants You


God calls everyone of us.

No matter where you are today, what state of life you are into and whatever you claim yourself to be…


All of us can be used by God. We can serve Him in various ways and by utilizing our God-given talents.

God wanted to turn your music into ‘His song.’

To bring people together. To give them hope and a reason to live again.

Refresh your faith today and watch how amazing God is in working in your life.

God is a cool God. He can go with you in places that you wanted to be, He will meet you where you are at the moment and He will support and push you to be the best person that you wanted to be.

For all of these Lord, we salute you! Rock on!!! \m/

Puppy in a cup

Puppy in a cup

One cup is not enough. 🙂

How can you drink a coffee that looks this cute right?

Sometimes we don’t get to appreciate the things around us that much.

The sad part is we are so caught up with the busy environment that we are in and we fail to see the beauty which is present and available.

Waiting to be noticed. Waiting to be enjoyed. Waiting to be praised.

God made all of these for us and just imagine the things we are missing every single day.

Maybe we should set a goal. Try to see God in the simple things and appreciate His goodness in everything.

That when we notice something beautiful within us or in other creation, may we always exclaim… Praise God!